Replenishing Your Mental Health

Who We Are

We are a 501c (3) private foundation that culturally educate and break down the stigma of mental health in black and brown communities and empower financial stability through entrepreneurship for children and young adults between the ages of 13-25.

Foundation Objective:
Replenishing Your Mental Health through ACTS...


Educate. Getting Involved. Community Outreach.


Meditation. Exercise. Arts. Self-Love.


Therapist Connections. Psychiatry. Family. Pets.


Support Groups. Resources for Intervention. Continuing Education. Partnership.

Funding Sources

Thorne to Rose is a 501c (3) private foundation and will seek to fund its mission by:

Sponsorships / Fundraising / Grants / Individual and Corporate Donations

How We Use Funds to Support Families & Caregivers

1. Provide fiscal grants to therapists that identify a need for financial support for continued and healthy therapy

2. Provide a no judgment zone for parents to gather and gain support

3. Cover awareness cost to create marketing materials, maintain a website, attend mental health events, fundraising expenditures, and administrative expenses to maintain foundation

4. Provide CE classes for Therapist

5. Training resources that promote financial stability and entrepreneurship

6. Support other mental health organizations

Replenishing Your Mental Health

What does Thorne to Rose Foundation Mean?

At a very young age, I knew my Nyla was not going to be a child that I could control. Their responses to what I referred to as little forms of discipline like “no, not today” or “you can have that later” was more than just unusual. Their constant references to harming themselves or others and damaging property seem to be the preferred method of coping when dealing with feelings of rejection. Initially I thought Nyla was just spoiled or being a drama queen. The one thing I couldn’t figure out was the amount of rage that seemed to dwell in them. It was like no matter what the consequences were going to be, Nyla was going to do and say what they needed to release their pain.

Splash Team

Founder and President
Dawn Powell
Vice President
Theodosia "Tee" Bills
Sherri Owens
Board Member